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About Nenad.Bravar

I’m ready to work with people who believe in evolution as synopsis to act the own human being condition the best way. I’m not afraid to match and I use the skill of being creative, a word as obsolete as comprehensive.- Nenad Bravar

Nenad Bravar, born and raised in Istria is a young and ambitious photographer. His first photographic success is marked by the 1. place on the international photography competition in 2009. organized by the National Geographic Magazine – Croatia. With high ambitions he begins the cooperation with marketing agencies and publishing houses in Croatia and abroad. His work is very soon noticed by the world famous French magazine “Photo”. His services today are highly wanted by celebrities and common people to differentiate from the current monotony of lack of creativity and talents. His work has a melodic vision of pure reality glanced through a prism of feelings which brings the viewer in the mystic moment and a new sight of everyday reality.


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